QacQoc GN28K USB C HUB Test And Reviews

We have received and demonstrated this USB C HUB that comes to us from the Asian brand, from China specifically, QacQoc. We know that connectivity is accurate and what we do not want is never to walk with different types of connectors that facilitate this work, so this prudent device is sure to be of interest. We are facing the  QacQoc GN28K USB C HUB.


The unit that has come to us is a dark silver color that makes it very elegant. The first thing that draws attention are the details that the brand has thought for its packaging, a prudent white box that hides another with an easy opening and where we bump the unit itself, a beautiful leather case, instructions and a girl card that we can use to Advise the product to friends.


A first look


This unit is very light, but gives the feeling of being robust. Its small size makes it conceptual to carry it in the case of our laptop, or even in the bag or in the pocket of a jacket. In the next part we bumped 02 USB-C connectors, on one side, the HDMI input which can connect to a Smart TV, a monitor or a projector.


At the front we bumped a USB-C input which port of charge, 02 USB 3.0 inputs of 1.5 A and with a speed of retransmission of up to five Gbps, to connect any device that supports this standard and 02 SD slots, a micro and other normal, with capacities both up to 64 GB of storage. As you can see, you’re not going to miss anything


I think of this device as a necessary solution, with the great advantage of having it all concentrated in a single USB C HUB, with an ergonomic design, sober and that passes quite unnoticed. The evidence we have done has not disappointed us at all, it provides what it promises, the speed of data transmission and reading of the same is what the manufacturer offers.


In another order of things, we have not appreciated design errors in the device, that is to say, all the inputs follow well without having to make too much pressure or there are slacks. You can connect everything while you enter without needing to squeeze more of the account. Nor, and after a few hours of employment we have seen that it is too hot, so you can Curran with tranquility.




We come across a conceptual solution to carry a lot of things that are going to end up getting lost, we know that the pockets of the sleeves sometimes swallow some junk and end up losing them. With this one you have the advantage of being an “all-in-one”, well designed, well built and that is which must be: compact, resistant and that connects the different Tomas Concentrándolas in the USB C Hub.


Whether you are a quiet customer or a vibrant demanding worker with your team, this is the solution you were looking for. Our rigorous tests have not disappointed at all and the addition of 1 year warranty by the manufacturer makes it an option to consider. You know, you can be sure that this gadget is going to get you out of those troubles that occur when you least expect it.