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“Technology News” is one of the most all-inclusive ways to update you with latest inventions and gadgetry. Technology has always fascinated us, this form of science has changed the way we see and comprehend things. Almost the whole thing thing we see around is related to technology in some or the either way. From the trendy cell phone models to the complicated machinery, everything is technology driven. Cell Phones as we know is one of the major boon to the communication, have affected our lifestyles in a positive manner. So, Mobile Phones News is one thing that we all look forward to. In the beginning, Mobiles were quite bulky and huge with limited features of making and receiving calls. Progressively these handsets went through a lot of changes in these 15 years, and now the situation is totally different. Mobile Handsets are now pretty light weight, compact, stylish and loaded with all sorts of features that one could imagine.

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