QacQoc GN28K USB C HUB Test And Reviews

We have received and demonstrated this USB C HUB that comes to us from the Asian brand, from China specifically, QacQoc. We know that connectivity is accurate and what we do not want is never to walk with different types of connectors that facilitate this work, so this prudent device is sure to be of interest. We are facing the  QacQoc GN28K USB C HUB.


The unit that has come to us is a dark silver color that makes it very elegant. The first thing that draws attention are the details that the brand has thought for its packaging, a prudent white box that hides another with an easy opening and where we bump the unit itself, a beautiful leather case, instructions and a girl card that we can use to Advise the product to friends.


A first look


This unit is very light, but gives the feeling of being robust. Its small size makes it conceptual to carry it in the case of our laptop, or even in the bag or in the pocket of a jacket. In the next part we bumped 02 USB-C connectors, on one side, the HDMI input which can connect to a Smart TV, a monitor or a projector.


At the front we bumped a USB-C input which port of charge, 02 USB 3.0 inputs of 1.5 A and with a speed of retransmission of up to five Gbps, to connect any device that supports this standard and 02 SD slots, a micro and other normal, with capacities both up to 64 GB of storage. As you can see, you’re not going to miss anything


I think of this device as a necessary solution, with the great advantage of having it all concentrated in a single USB C HUB, with an ergonomic design, sober and that passes quite unnoticed. The evidence we have done has not disappointed us at all, it provides what it promises, the speed of data transmission and reading of the same is what the manufacturer offers.


In another order of things, we have not appreciated design errors in the device, that is to say, all the inputs follow well without having to make too much pressure or there are slacks. You can connect everything while you enter without needing to squeeze more of the account. Nor, and after a few hours of employment we have seen that it is too hot, so you can Curran with tranquility.




We come across a conceptual solution to carry a lot of things that are going to end up getting lost, we know that the pockets of the sleeves sometimes swallow some junk and end up losing them. With this one you have the advantage of being an “all-in-one”, well designed, well built and that is which must be: compact, resistant and that connects the different Tomas Concentrándolas in the USB C Hub.


Whether you are a quiet customer or a vibrant demanding worker with your team, this is the solution you were looking for. Our rigorous tests have not disappointed at all and the addition of 1 year warranty by the manufacturer makes it an option to consider. You know, you can be sure that this gadget is going to get you out of those troubles that occur when you least expect it.

How Much Does WordPress Blog Software Cost

A specific one amongst the frequently made inquiries by the users is “Do I need to pay to utilize WordPress?”The hosts let them know that WordPress is free and open source software, which is normally trailed by, “Why is WordPress Free?” In this article, we will examine why WordPress is free, the costs of running a WordPress site, and what’s the catch.

How can you make use of the WordPressfree?

WordPress is open source software. It is free in the feeling of freedom not in the feeling of free brew. You may ask what the contrast between these two is. Open Source software accompanies freedom for you to utilize, adjust, build upon, and redistribute the software in any capacity you like. Be that as it may, there may be costs included some place.

Often neglected, web hosting is one of the key segments of each effective website. Picking the best web hosting for your necessities can enhance your SEO and increment sales. There are different diverse sorts of WordPress hosting alternatives accessible, for example, Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and oversaw WordPress hosting. In this guide, we will help you pick the best WordPress hosting for your website.

There are vast unofficial WordPress asset locales that get a huge number of site visits every month. Having helped 100,000 and more users and years of involvement with WordPress hosting organizations, we know the significance of picking the best web hosting company. Our objective with this article is to offer experiences on things you have to consider while picking a WordPress hosting company. We will likewise share our rundown of top WordPress hosting suppliers.

How you can use it with paid hosting?

Everybody realizes that hosting your blog can turn into a costly undertaking, and the question of cost emerges in each new blogger’s brain. What amount is it going to cost to make a self-facilitated WordPress blog?

There is no furthest breaking point with regards to blog investment, and new technology and in this guide, I will share the base sum you have to spend to make an expert blog which you can gladly impart to the world.

  • The amount Does It Cost to Setup a WordPress Blog.
  • With WordPress, you can begin a blog with next to no money.
  • The WordPress software is free. You can download it from the page.

How much it costs to set up WordPress website including hosting.

Still, there are some other important components that you should pay for, (for example, an area name and a hosting space). These additional costs will rely on upon your particular prerequisites.

You may likewise put resources into customization, SEO, or different variables en route. These things may likewise cost money.

In case your expectation is basically to begin a blog on WordPress, you can begin with a minimal cost of 60 dollars for endless hosting and a free space with the host.

You can find out about which hosting administration is best for WordPress in the websites. The domain Cost is 12 dollars roughly.

Advantages Of Latest Technology News

The world has rapidly developed into a small village thanks to the latest technology which has made communication as easy and convenient as the touch of a button. With latest technological innovations such as iphones and ipads, it has become possible to communicate with people in as far off places as you could never have imagined in old times.

It is quite an obvious fact that communication equipment plays a major role in the enhancement of business in the current world. For a very long time, business could only be done between people who knew each other well and at some point or the other, it would be very necessary to hold meetings to forge a way forward on the running of the business. In many such cases, decision making was quite difficult since it would involve the traveling of partners to one place and holding of meetings in order to reach some consensus. This has changed greatly with the latest communication equipment such as iphones and ipads which make it possible to hold virtual meetings with persons miles away.

The gains of knowledge cannot be evaluated in any way since they are practically endless. Being equipped with the latest technology news is a very important step towards making an informed decision when it comes to matters technology. Having acknowledged the fact that technology is the driving force behind the economy, it is very important for any modern business person to understand the latest technology news so that they can always be in a position to make the right decisions when called upon to do so.

In order to help the public in getting the relevant information, some concerned players in the communication sector such as have thought it wise to establish a platform on which the upload all the latest technology news on communication equipment. However insignificant a number of people may think of the technology news, the truth is that the technology news plays a major role in shaping the world and people’s private as well as business lives.

In order to make the right choices and to be able to exploit all the available opportunities, it is an indisputable fact that the communication equipments that come to the market have made not only the process of doing business simplified but also ensured hat the costs of doing the business have been drastically reduced. For any technology news enthusiasts interested in constantly following upon the latest information concerning communication equipments and the latest technology news, taking a few minutes of the day on a regular basis to update yourself with the latest technology news at should not only provide pleasure but an endless source of relevant and important information.

The good thing about getting the latest technology news from such online sites is that you do not have to pay for the information. It is also highly convenient since you will have the privilege of getting regular updates on all the latest communication equipment and any relevant technology news concerning the same.

Technology Based Cracking News – For Quick Business Decisions

On our site breaking news technology features core areas like software, computers, mobile phones, electronics, and wireless technology, networking, pod cast videos and other services. These latest information is enriched by reviews from the product users and media critics.

Our hybrid diary the web technology news blog will enlighten you with what is happening to people technologically and in personal life. A large percentage of our navigator use blogger as a tool to analyze and stimulate business. Our blogger is dedicated to technology use and technological products. We feel privileged in providing a common platform for technology fans to interact and share.

Our blog is by the people for the people; its information is managed and sustained by people through use and interaction. The history of narration is serialized for use by new surfers.

Our site caters to the accustomed, prevailing, present and the future orientation tendency in technical products. We understand the requirements of web browsers and that is why have equipped our site to harness better insightful web business to one and all.

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Kevin Dee Platinum Quality Author Platinum Author | 127 Articles Joined: March 16, 2014 Canada Technology News for February 2014 and a Look Back at the Previous 5 Februarys

This is my 30,000 foot look at events in the ICT industry for February 2014.

A Little History of previous year’s Februarys…

Five years ago in February 2009 the news was ALL about layoffs and economic uncertainty. Nortel, in addition to their layoffs sold their Alteon asset for less than $18 million, which they had bought for $7 billion nine years previously! In February 2010 M&A activity was slow with no huge buys. Google bought Aardvark; Oracle purchased a couple of smaller entities; IBM bought a small network software company that focuses on the telco vertical; and Sybase bought a company that has a strong foothold in the financial services vertical. There were lots of signs that the recovery was under way and Canada saw some job growth after a period of decline. February 2011 was another quiet month for M&A with HP buying Vertica; Opentext bought Metastorm ($182 million); and Rackspace acquired Anso Labs. World news was dominated by the popular uprisings in a growing number of countries and the reactions of those governments including the brutality of Gaddafi’s Libyan supporters. Two years ago, February 2012 was not a blockbuster month for M&A, but there was some interesting activity. The biggest deal of the month saw Oracle pay $1.9 billion for talent management company Taleo. Siemens Canada paid $440 million for networking equipment company IBM bought BYOD company Worklight; Dell bought backup and recovery company AppAssure; Apple bought mobile search company Chomp; and LM Ericsson bought Ottawa based BelAir Networks. Last year in February 2013 Dell went private in a $24.4 billion deal, that included a $2 billion investment by Microsoft. Oracle paid $1.7 billion for networking company Acme Packet Inc.; Rackspace bought big data company ObjectRocket; Telus was busy with two acquisitions, electronic medical records division of the Canadian Medical Association and digital forensics company Digital Wyzdom; HP also sold the Palm operating system to LG for their smart TVs.

Which brings us back to the present…

February 2014 saw Facebook make a big move with $16 billion acquisition of Whatsapp, which is probably good valuation news for Blackberry because its BBM product would be a direct competitor. Blackberry however had another rough month when IDC released its numbers as the company’s smartphones accounted for only 1.9% of sales in Q4 of 2013.

Another company with big news, although not necessarily positive was Sony. They appear to be reinventing themselves in their various niches as they are closing their eReader store and divesting themselves of their PC division (Vaio).

In other M&A news Comcast is making a $45 billion play for Time Warner Cable; Oracle paid a reputed $400 million for data management platform company Bluekai; LinkedIn paid $120 million for online job search company Bright; and Klout was bought for about $100 million by Lithium Technologies. Google made a couple of acquisitions, online fraud company and secure logon company Slicklogin. IBM is buying database as a service company Cloudant; and Monster bought a couple of companies, social profile company Talentbin and job aggregation and distribution technology company Gozaic.

Other companies making news this month include Microsoft who announced a new CEO, Satya Nadella (who replaces Steve Ballmer) plus a new Board Chair John Thompson (who replaces Bill Gates). Dell started its new life as a private company with major restructuring, resulting in likely 15,000 job losses. On the good news front, jobs creation and infrastructure additions in Canada come in the form of new datacenters for Bell Aliant and for Telus.

In reports from various sources Android has about 80% of the mobile OS market share, with Apple a distant second. Samsung was the dominant handset hardware supplier with 32% share, with Apple second. Apple however accounted for approximately 1/3 of tablet sales in Western Europe last year, with Samsung second.

A Cisco study suggests that users will increase mobile data usage by a factor of approximately 8 over the coming 5 years… so make sure you have good data plans! The Canadian Federal Government announced an infrastructure investment to put broadband into rural communities and Gartner tell us that IT spending was flat year over year, for the 13th year in a row!

Economic news was generally mixed, with no major bad news and no big breakthroughs. Some job growth in Canada and the US, some positive confidence indicators and some not so good. One study seemed to sum it up for me, Careerbuilder found that 58% of employers feel the recession is still lingering!

That is it for my look at what was happening in the technology space over the last month, compared to the same month in previous years.

I’ll be back at the end of March, until then… walk fast and smile!

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle Professional Resources Inc. (a Professional Staffing Company)

You can subscribe to this newsletter at the Eagle website.

Technology News – 3 Inventions That Shaped Current Advancements

The list of impressive inventions is so long that finding just three is quite difficult, but let’s try in light of groundbreaking technology news, and its effect on human life. Yes things like wheel, the fire, language, and even writing can there in list, but they are quite early for the times sake.

Computers have totally revolutionized and advanced the human life as nothing before. Based upon the ancient field of education of Logic and ancient writings of Aristotle, philosophers and scientists this has to be most significant invention. The basics of the computing have also roots in transistors, if they had not been there along side the electricity nothing could have happened. Another important ting is the research and sharing of knowledge has become fast, organized and adapt to everyday life with help of computers too.

If internet is in reach of us all today some of its credit goes to the invention of telephone. Communication, exchange of ideas, and commerce are all helped immensely with the telephone. Yes most of us are not using the land lines and mobile phones are the next step, if you think about it there would not have been any of it without the phone.

The industrial revelation and reach of better welfare can also be credited to the better means of transport too. The more customers, the easy and safe delivery of goods and services can be there due to the better usage of transport. The air crafts, the electric cars, and even built trains are all the results of the basic invention of wheel. Yes the humble wheel has taken the humanity forward like nothing else.

The invention of plastic definitely lead to mass production and price reduction of expensive metal and query objects. The plastic is there all around us right from the smallest to largest ships with more stronger than steel fiber glass, stylish coverings and even the luxury bedding for all with foam too. Ironically while these three inventions might be considered to be the main reason of human development the possibility of them being the number one environmental hazards is there as well.

How to Make Use of Google Trends to Write on Technology News

To put it simple and straight, “Google trends” is a form of data provided by Google itself. This data represents the most searched topics on internet in a particular span of time. Google trends has been used in many ways by a number of website owners to increase their website traffic. If you are also a website owner, you can use Google trends to increase your website traffic too. But how does it work?

Using Google trends to increase website traffic is very easy.

The time you spend working on search engine optimization to increase your website traffic is very tiring. Though, SEO is a long term solution to get the targeted traffic but trends will get you the traffic on the same day for a particular term or topic. Simply use the hot trends.

If you are not aware how it works, you might think how to use hot trends for increasing traffic? This service works the best for news websites. This service can change your traffic statistics for once and for all. You simply need to select a topic from Google trends and start writing on it. As soon as you publish your article on your website, you will see an increase in the traffic of your website. You can always check your website’s traffic via Google analytics. Moreover, once you publish the post, it is highly recommended to submit the post to maximum number of social networks. You might be thinking why to do that? The reason is that Google bot consecutively visits the social networks, while it may take time to crawl your website. Once your article is available on the social networks it will mean your article is crawled. And once the article is crawled on time it will be available for the readers. It is important to perform all these steps in a speedy and uninterrupted manner. Once you decide to write an article you must make sure that you post in the same hour. Again do not forget to submit the post to social networks.

Google trends has many kinds of news. From technology news to world news today, and from celebrity news to sports news; the trends updates itself frequently. So make sure you always refresh the page before selecting another topic. One of the best website that has been using Google trends since its inception is News World Wide. This news website has earned worldwide recognition in a very short span of time and the reason for this recognition is its timely updates. If you too want to see how it works, you must check out the trends today.

The writer has written a number of articles on technology news and world news today. She is also working as a writer for News World Wide.

Understanding Technology News Paves Way for an Advanced World

Are you interested in knowing the recent developments that are taking place around you? Do you feel that every individual needs to realize the importance of keeping themselves updated with the global events? If yes, then surely you understand the importance of news in the contemporary world. News can be defined as information that affects a large number of people and is of utmost importance. News is disseminated to inform people about the different events that are taking place around their neighboring areas. News can range from entertainment, politics to science and technology. It can also be classified as per to the region. Events that are of local importance take the shape of local news and facts that consider foreign relations comprise of as international news.

Technology News is referred to as updated information that is concerned with the advancements achieved in the field of technology. Individuals around the world are highly dependent on technology. They are attracted with the beauty and charm of modern appliances in their day to day living. Be it laptops to smart phones, the contribution and use of technology is prevalent at every stage in our lives. With such popularity and reliance on electronic devices, a majority of the people in the contemporary world are interested in the latest updates of technological devices and advancements made in the related field. Thus realizing this need, most newspapers and websites have created a separate section for easy navigation.

In the corporate field, Technology News plays a pivotal role as it provides technical specifications on the trends and developments of different operating systems and applications. Information Technology (IT) experts comprise a large population of employers and with information on updated technology, organizations are aware about the different specifications of intricate system applications. It is also possible to get information on complex technologies like Linux, Unix and Windows Operating System.

From medical experts to schools and organizations, every individual lays emphasis on the importance of Technology News in the modern scenario. Even if you are a home maker, you need to be aware about the multiple products that are released in the market for easy and comfortable living. With multiple stories reporting of refrigerators that have the ability to automatically order food as it runs out, automatic cleaning ovens and vacuum cleaners that helps you to clean the house with ease. Therefore, you can understand that keeping yourself updated on recent technology can turn you into a smart shopper as well.

One can definitely understand how Technology News plays a pivotal role in the enhancement of one’s knowledge. It paves way for an easy entry into the technological world of computerization. With each passing day, various companies are launching new products and services to provide utmost comfort to all the consumers around the world. The development of software services paves way for a smarter planet. Therefore every person on this earth should have a passive interest about technology. It has a great potential in shaping up your life. Readers around the globe lay a great emphasis in educating themselves about the technological advancements of different equipment’s.

New Source For Technology News

“Technology News” is one of the most all-inclusive ways to update you with latest inventions and gadgetry. Technology has always fascinated us, this form of science has changed the way we see and comprehend things. Almost the whole thing thing we see around is related to technology in some or the either way. From the trendy cell phone models to the complicated machinery, everything is technology driven. Cell Phones as we know is one of the major boon to the communication, have affected our lifestyles in a positive manner. So, Mobile Phones News is one thing that we all look forward to. In the beginning, Mobiles were quite bulky and huge with limited features of making and receiving calls. Progressively these handsets went through a lot of changes in these 15 years, and now the situation is totally different. Mobile Handsets are now pretty light weight, compact, stylish and loaded with all sorts of features that one could imagine.

Latest updates and all technical news is covered by the Indianext. Indianext is a popular portal that gives you an inside out overview of what’s new and popular in the technology. It follows up with the latest technology news around the world, and computes different articles, review stories, and performance based features. The participatory forums are another popular part of the site, wherein people share their views and opinions on a particular gadget or a new launch for that matter. The Indianext also features expert ratings, which are based on the widely recognized Indianext test center ratings. These ratings are based on the industry standard benchmarks for product testing, and give you a percolate review with the cons and pros associated.

Discover The Latest Technological News

The world of technology is in disarray and not just because of the old news that is the Yahoo takeover by Microsoft. The EU are at loggerheads with the US over the tariffs that are charged for high tech goods. The problem is focussed around the EU hiking up prices on a number of goods including multi-function printers and TV set-top boxes that have internet capabilities.

The US are not happy as they believe this to be in violation of the terms of the World Trade Organisations Information Technology Agreement, or ITA which eliminated duties om high tech products from 1997 to encourage trade. The EU began charging duties on these specified products since 2005 arguing that they are no longer exclusively high tech products, they are in fact consumer products and therefore fair game.

The US are none too happy about this and the mediations have broken down. The US have called in the World Trade Organisation asking them to mediate the situation as formal consultations between the US and EU to resolve the US concerns about the suspected violation of the 1996 WTO accord have broken down. The US believe that EU tariffs are inconsistent with the WTO accord and they discourage technological development in the IT sector.

Another organisation which has the net worth of a small nation which has been in the news recently is Apple. The word on the massively lucrative cyber street is that Apple has recently overtaken Google in the market value race. The source is in fact Mac Daily News however it has not been contested by anyone from Google, they claim that Apple is worth 157,012,662,240 dollars compared to Google at 156,392,862,560 leaving a difference of 619,799,680 dollars.

Although these figures look more like IP addresses, Microsoft are still the daddy with a net value of over 250 billion dollars. The unfathomable wealth of these companies could clear national debts of various developed counties, solve world hunger or fund the Elton John 70th Birthday party however at the moment the global battle of these companies still rages.

One of the top companies Google does seem to have a pre-occupation with worthy causes, as it has set a company called Google dot org which is researching into sustainable energy sources. 10.25 million dollars has been pumped into climate and energy initiatives such as solar thermal power and wind energy sources. Currently it might seem like a good cause as such, however Google could stand to make a bundle if the research bears fruit.